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Hockey is India's national sport - India has won eight Olympic gold medals in field hockey.It has also hosted and co-hosted several international sporting events

If you look at Indian villages you can see why - 20 kids can play cricket with a ball and a piece of wood while you need 20 sticks and proper coaching to make them play hockey

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In its general sense is a form of learning in which the knowledge, skills, and habits of a group of people are transferred from one generation to the next through teaching, training, or research.

In the meantime we are successfully running 5 hockey teams – 30 girls (U14, U16 and U18) and 40 boys (U14 and U15) are practicing daily.

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Fitness is especially in Hockey a very important factor. As important as skills and the understanding for the game. Only with a good stamina it is possible to concentrate for 70 minutes in the game.

Especially in villages in India, children have a good basic stamina. This stamina we have to mould and modify as per the needs for Hockey.

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Celebration itself says the action of celebrating an important day or event. We at Hockey Village India treat everyday as a special day believing in our motto Sports & Education for a better future!

Kids from Hockey village India got an unique opportunity to learn the tricks of the game from the German U-21 team who is here to participate in Junior Men's World Cup.

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" We want to be happy! "

Hockey Village India

Hockey Village India Foundation run by a German National Hockey Player at Garh Himmath Singh.

Sports & Education for a better future!


Our Events

  • Welcome to our Hockey Village... Agata Chaija is our new volunteer for the next 6 month - she is a volunteer from Poland and an has her master in Phyiotherapy.

    We will include her in our program and she will train some of our elder player how to deal with simple sport injuries... happy to have you on board Agata!!!

  • At VIT Campus Jaipur for an exhibition match amongst our 2 teams...

    we had a great sunny day and 6 Jatwara girls played the first time with us... empovering women was the theme here and that's what we did!!!!

Latest News

Nehru Cup U15

Our boys participated in Nehru Cup U15 which was held at Shivaji Stadium. There were 34 teams participated in the same.Read more ...

Fitness with FUN

Kids at one of our physical fitness program. Trying to get stamina and power .....while having fun.... Trying to get stamina and power Read more ...

Inauguration of our School

We have got Suniti Sharma, Principal MGD School Jaipur as our Special guest on the eve of School InaugurationRead more ...

"Helping others to help themselves is our device! Everybody has a right to education - but not everybody has the oportunity! Therefore it is our aim to support rural areas in India and give the children a chance for a better education. We provide free english classes in the afternoon - then we bring them to our hockey ground where we provide sticks to play."